Micro-Tec is Your One-Stop-Shop

At Micro-Tec you will find a full-service manufacturing facility with cutting-edge capabilities in CNC milling, Swiss-type CNC turning, and 4-Axis EDM machining. Micro-Tec combines this state-of-the-art equipment with highly skilled craftsmen to produce quality components that range from bone plates to intricate housings for fiber optics to large structural components for satellites. “Our diverse range of capabilities is one of our main strengths at Micro-Tec,” explains Gary Case, president. “Since we control the entire machining process in-house, our customers can count on Micro-Tec to delivery top-quality products on time, every time.”

At Micro-Tec, our number one goal is to be your number one supplier. Let us prove it to you.

Products and Industries

At this very moment, Micro-Tec-produced parts are helping to explore the solar system, to heal someone’s broken bone, and possibly to carry the signal that brings our website to your computer screen. Micro-Tec products are found in a wide variety of applications in a dozen different industries. From aerospace to medical to microelectronics, our customers trust Micro-Tec to deliver quality parts at very competitive prices. “One of the keys to our success is our process control,” says Gary Case, president. “This allows us to maintain a tight control over quality and costs and to remain very competitive in a competitive marketplace.”

No matter what your industry, Micro-Tec is your precision machining solution.

Total Quality at Micro-Tec

There is a whole lot of talk about quality these days. At Micro-Tec, we prefer to show you our commitment to quality with product acceptance ratings exceeding 98% and multiple quality awards from our customers. Micro-Tec maintains a quality system certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 under the direction of our full-time quality assurance manager, Brandon Estes. “Everyone at Micro-Tec understands that our future is based on our reputation for total quality and customer service,” explains Gary Case, president. “There is simply no room for second best in the precision machining industry.”

That is why you can trust the team at Micro-Tec for top-quality - on time, every time.

Our Employees Make the Difference

A large part of our success at Micro-Tec is due to the talent and dedication of our employees. “We are proud of our very low turn-over at Micro-Tec,” says Gary Case, president. “Some of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. This kind of commitment shows in everything we do.” From planning to production to final inspection, everyone at Micro-Tec is committed to our success through the best possible quality, on-time delivery, and customer service in the business. Experience what the Micro-Tec team can do for you.

Micro-Tec is ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

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